Server cpu usage HELP

Server cpu usage HELP

Post by jp » Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:32:07


I've a server WinNT4 sql 7.0
I've created a linked server to an orcle database.
When I Update or Insert many records into the oracle database
the cpu of my sql server goes constantly to 100 % and this causes
me a lot of trouble.  Other things that I wan't to do then don't seem
to work properly.
Is my problem the authentification to my oracle server my problem
or something else ??? I don't know it.




1. Sql server is showing 100% CPU usage..Need urgent help


I m running MS-SQL server on Win-Nt machine..and the sql server is taking
100% CPU cycle....can any one help me .. how to check wht exactly the proble
or how to go abt it...I checked all the qureies i hv few update queries and
tht are not expensive...Pl. need urgent help ...

Thanks in advance,

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