SQL-Programmer 2.2 Available!

SQL-Programmer 2.2 Available!

Post by SF » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

SQL-Programmer 2.2 is now available as a Free Upgrade.

http://www.sfi-software.com for details.

SQL-Progarmmer Provides a Complete Back-end Development Environment for
Your PL/SQL and Transact-SQL Programming with Automated Documentation
Management, Team Programming and Change Management control.

For details:
Call SFI at 819 778-5045 or access:


1. SQL-Programmer 2.2 Available / FREE Upgrade!

** SQL-Programmer 2.2 Available / FREE Upgrade! **

SQL-Programmer users can download for FREE the new release of
SQL-Programmer, Version 2.2

"We've been busy evaluating SQL-Programmer (and others like it) and have
all agreed that Sylvain-Faust's is superior in functionality.", said Jeff
Keen Jackson EMC.

Access the "Support" section from SFI web site at:
http://www.sfi-software.com for your free Upgrade or call SFI at 819
778-5045, fax 819 778-7943

SQL-Programmer works with MSSQL, SYBASE and Oracle database servers!

John Meyer,
SFI a Sylvain Faust company
819 778-5045
Sylvain Faust Inc. (SFI) was founded in 1988 by experienced database
programmers intent on improving programmer productivity by developing a
suite of tools, utilities and knowledgeware designed by programmers, for
programmers. Productivity enhancement software in this market can easily
pay for itself in a matter of days just in labor savings, not to mention
the competitive advantage gained by organizations able to deploy
information systems faster and more reliably. SFI's current products
include SQL-Programmer, SQL-Optimizer and SQL-Sombrero.

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