Switching from SQL 7 to SQL 6.5 problems

Switching from SQL 7 to SQL 6.5 problems

Post by Colin Buntin » Sun, 16 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I have an NT4 server with service pack 4 (and 5 - problem is with both),
running SQL 6.5, service pack 5a.  I am trying to upgrade to SQL 7, service
pack 1.  The problem is that I cannot run SQL 6.5 after switching back to
it.  That means I cannot upgrade user databases, of course, without
upgrading between 2 servers.  The error in the Event Viewer of NT says there
is an invalid null within the master.dat, and SQL produces the error that I
cannot connect because the SQL server does not exist.

Has anybody come across this before?  And, if so, is there a workaround?

Many thanks in advance,


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I have a serious problem

I have sql 2k running on win2k server on one machine and one with NT4
and sql 6.5.

when I run the wizard under SQL SERVER SWITCH from the start + programs
menu and enter the name of the 6.5 server and click next I get the
following error:

sp_setnetname if your NT machine name uses dashes)."

what's wrong? the name of the sql 6.5 is "KLOKER" just letters.

please help! I have so many databases I need to transfer to the sql 2k

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