Post by Benn » Thu, 06 Feb 2003 00:43:35

Hello all,

I set up merge replication about 3 weeks back between 4
of our sites.  Everything is controlled from the
distributor server where the publication has three
different push subscriptions.  

Now what happens is that occasionally the merge agent
will stop running due to some error (i.e. "The process
could not connect to Subscriber "XXX"" or "The identity
range resource available is not enough.")  So when that
happens I go back into the merge agents folder under the
Replication Monitor and restart the agent.  Once I
restart the agent everything goes back to normal and all
of the changes that had taken place, while that one
subscription was down, goes through.  

Is there a setting that I can change so that if a
subscription stops running it will restart the agent
automatically??  The only thing I could find was the
number of retry attempts deep within the subscription
details...(It defaults to 10)

Any suggestions on what I can do??

Thanks for the help,


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