Probleme of search engine of fulltext/phonetic type

Probleme of search engine of fulltext/phonetic type

Post by amos-informatiqu » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I have a big problem:
I want to developp a seach engine over SQL server or Oracle database.
The search criteria must be made on text value type.
What is this fulltext or phonetic metohd ?
How can I use it  to solve my problem ?




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Does anyone know if the sql-server 7.0 contains functions for phonetic

I have a table with a field called 'BandName'. When a user wants to
search for 'Dire Straits' I run the following query: SELECT * FROM
<table> WHERE CONTAINS(BandName, ' "dire straits" ')
The query returns the expected results and everything is ok but what if
the user enters 'Dyre Straits'?
A query like the above one will not find a matching record but since the
user obviously just misspelled the search string it would be nice if the
sql-server could ignore at least slight misspellings.

Can anyone help me?

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