Cancel Query from ADO

Cancel Query from ADO

Post by Alejandro Mes » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 06:39:13


See CANCEL method of the Connection or Command object.



1. How to Cancel a L O N G running Sql Query with ADO


It's the age old problem,  the application allows the user to perform
queries into a MS Sql database (6.5), the programmer doesn't know how long
the query will take to finish so he/she puts the maximum timeout limits on
it, and the end user waits forever for it to complete.

We all want to put that "CANCEL SEARCH" button on the ASP page, so the user
can refine his/her search criteria and get on with their work.

So, please tell me how you have done it?  
Can you do it with the following products?

My environment is:
        Client Workstation:  IE 3.0, Netscape 2/3, Windows NT.
        Web Server: Windows NT, IIS 3, ADO, JSCRIPT
        Database Server: Windows NT, MS SQL Server 6.5

I've seen some of the documentation on  Remote Data Services (RDS) which
provides for "Asynchronous" queries/processing, but can't seem to locate
any thing that says how to do it within ADO. RDS support a Cancel method
but ADO doesn't expose one or define one.



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