internal nt error

internal nt error

Post by Noah Watkin » Sat, 17 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Is reinstalling nt or reinstalling sql server the only way to fix the
following problem?

My SQLServer was running fine since i installed it, today i restarted the
server and the service wouldn't start. The error was this:

Could not start sql server, an internal windows nt error occurred.



1. HELP - cannot start SQL server service - Internal NT error

This is going to be somewhat long and I apologize in advance, but we have a
SQL Server with 15 critical databases which will not start.

Someone added a second processor to our SQL Server last week, but it wasn't
recognizing it.  That person did some research and found that you had to
run a utility found in the NT Resource Kit called Uptomp.exe to have NT
3.51 recognize the second processor.  After running that he basically came
up with a death blue screen.  He tried running the emergency repair disk,
etc. but could not get it to work.  

I suggested we upgrade to NT 4.0 (we needed to do it sometime anyway) -
that actually sort of worked - it recognized both processors and we finally
got the right drivers for the NIC card, etc.  The problem is when we try
and start the SQL Server service, it says an "Internal Windows NT error
occurred" - we tried performing an upgrade to SQL server, but when it gets
about 90% through and it tries to start the sql server service we get an
error also.  

Does anybody have any ideas of what to try?

Thanks in advance,

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