Info wanted

Info wanted

Post by c.. » Sun, 03 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a source of information on the historical sales
of oracle and sql server / sybase by platofrm ?

The mfr. home pages don't seem to be much help.


Chris Gadsby


1. Info wanted on Info-Lease/Decision Systems Inc


This is a shot in the dark :). So I thank you in advance if you can be of some
help to me.

I'm interested in getting  some  information about a leasing application
called Info-Lease. I am told that some time back this product was 'Pick'
based. The name of the company that owns this product is Decision Systems
Inc. and they are minneapolis based. Is this product still pick based? Are
there any people out there who have first hand knowledge about this product
and the company?  How  good is DSI's support? How good is the product in terms
of usability, stability, etc.?

what kind of third party querying tools (OLAP) are available in the pick
environment? How will this product fit into a client server environment with
novell NOS and Windows NT server?


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