User check if an record from a table is locked by other user ar run time

User check if an record from a table is locked by other user ar run time

Post by Adrian Tudorach » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:50:02


I'm trying to find a dynamic solution for the following
- User A opens one record R from table T
- User A locks the record R (How?)
- User B opens records from table T without problem
- If User B tries to open the record R from table T, the
application sees that the record is locked and gives an
error message.

P.S. I know the solution with the extra flag, which is set
by the user A in the moment he opens the record. Im
interested in a solution that unlocks the record
automatically also in the case of database or application

Thank you in advance,
Ai Tudorache


User check if an record from a table is locked by other user ar run time

Post by Umachandar Jayachandra » Tue, 31 Jul 2001 02:20:38

    If you are on SQL 2000, you can use the new application locking system
procedures "sp_getapplock" & "sp_releaseapplock" to perform your own
locking. This uses the SQL Server locking mechanisms.

Umachandar Jayachandran
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I'm using MFC DAO 3.5 with Visual C++. I'm getting a randomly occurring
error from Jet that says it "Couldn't update; currently locked by user
"admin" on machine "machine" " (error 3260).

How can the record be locked if I'm the only user, I only lock 1 record at a
time, and I only lock it for a fraction of a time?

I never leave any records in an editing state. The user makes their changes
at once to a local object not the recordset directly, then I call a Save
function of mine (not DAO). This Save calls Edit(), writes the entire
record, then calls Update() (if an exception is thrown I call CancelUpdate
instead). Any of my records are only in edit mode for a fraction of a second
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Only one app is using the database at a time, sometimes the database is
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Has anybody heard of this before? It sounds like a bug in Jet 3.5 to me.

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