SNMP Agent

SNMP Agent

Post by George Zoll » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 21:16:43

I need to use the SQL Server SNMP Agent to monitor SQL Server across the
network. I have installed Windows 2000 Server SNMP agent and it is running

When I look in the  help files for SQL Server 2000 it says that if the
Windows SNMP agent is running the SQL Server 2000 SNMP agent will be

Unfortunately I enabled the Windows SNMP agent after I installed SQL Server.
Is there anyway to enable the SQL Server 2000 SNMP Agent after installing
SQL Server? I have checked and the two files that need to enabled have been
installed. They do not show up in the Windows Server services window.

Thanks in Advance ,



1. Setup SNMP Agent (snmp.ora)

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Hi folks,

does anybody know how to properly setup the Oracle SNMP agent and/or can
supply an appropriate 'snmp.ora'?

Many thanx,

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