Permission Deny

Permission Deny

Post by Help Seeke » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 03:52:47

I need help to solve the problem.

In an ASP page I tried to send the PO data as an e-mail by
first saving the data to a doc file in a dir under public
in the network, then attach the saved file as an
attachment. When I use XP window, there is no problem, but
as soon as I use a 2000 window, I got an error message
saying permission denied (can not create and save the
file).  I checked the brower security, they are the same.
Is there anyone out there had the same problem before.
Please advise. Thank you.


1. EXECUTE Permission denied...What Execute permission????

When using an asp page to access a SQL Server 6.5 I get a response of
EXECUTE Permission Denied.

This occures when I try to open a recordset.

RS.Open "tablename", conn, 3,3

Its weird, I gave the user full access to select, insert etc but i get the
execute permission denied message. I only see an execute permission for
stored procedures, not tables.
If I hardcode it to use the sa account it works. As far as I can tell Ive
given this user all the permissions I can. Would this user need any access
to the other tables ie. master etc??

Thanks, Bob

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