owner name listed for OWNER column

owner name listed for OWNER column

Post by mitra fathollah » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 05:42:13

Hello Everyone,

I logged in to my W2K system with a login name and a
password. I launched SQL Server 7 EM and created a
Database. SQL Server EM displays the
domain_name\my_user_name for the database OWNER on the
General tab.

I created a New Database User in my New Database and
checked both public and db_owner Role memebership
In the Security folder I clicked on the Logins and
Selected my New User.  I made sure the dafault database
for this login is my New Database and i have the Server
Administrators Server Role checkbox checked.

I launched our custom application and entered my New SQL
Server 7 User login and Password and created our tables.
Tables were created and the OWNER listed for the OWNER
column is 'dbo' and not the New User name i entered in our

Can some one tell me why i don't see the New User name i
entered for the login being listed under the OWNER column.

Thank you,


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I know it is possible to change the database owner, but am I able to
the owner of a table as well?  Currently, the owner of the database and
is EXAV.  The problem is for the programmers...  this is the only table
owned by
anyone other than DBO.  We've got some code that is supposed to work
for both tables and it causes them some coding problems because that
isn't the same.  For the tables owned by EXAV, they have to code it
and for the tables owned by DBO, they just code the tablename.

Is there anything I can do short of creating a new database and copying
the data over?
Thanks for the advice!
Toni Eibner

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