Looking for DBLibrary function

Looking for DBLibrary function

Post by Jose Ignacio Gijo » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

I'm doing a migration of an application from ODBC to DBLibrary.
In my application I do a lot of querys of the form:
  INSERT INTO table ...; SELECT MAX(index) FROM table

I use to exec the ODBC function SQLMoreResults to point to the next
statement in order
to get the rows.

I've tried combinations of dbresults, dbnextrow and dbmorecmds whitout
luck, Does
somebody knows how to implement SQLMoreResults with DBLibrary?

Thank's a lot in advance


Looking for DBLibrary function

Post by Achim Oehlenschlaeg » Thu, 01 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello Jose,

you should try the following:

  dbcmd(dbproc, pCmd);

  if( SUCCEED != dbsqlexec(dbproc) )

  while( SUCCEED == (result_code=dbresults(dbproc)) )
    if( FAIL == result_code )

    if( SUCCEED == DBROWS(dbproc) )
      dbbind( dbproc, 1, INTBIND, (DBINT) 0, (BYTE*)(&number) );

      // evtl. more columns to bind

      result_code = dbnextrow(dbproc);
      if( FAIL == result_code )

      while( NO_MORE_ROWS != result_code )
        // do what ever you need to do with the results

        result_code = dbnextrow(dbproc);
        if( FAIL == result_code )




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