Dimensions maintain "memory"

Dimensions maintain "memory"

Post by Brian Nordber » Thu, 04 Jul 2002 05:24:32

In an number of instances I have changed data types for
dimensions. For example, I have a dimension that I want
listed as 3 decimals instead of 5 so I changed my SQL view
and converted it to 3 decimals. Now when I reprocess the
cube, it shows the old 5 decimal levels. If I start with a
blank OLAP canvas and drop the dimension on a row it shows
the old values, when I drop a different dimension on the
column, the new 3 decimal values appear. I have recounted
the dimension, done a full reprocess, refreshed the
database ... When I browse the fact table it is correct,
when I browse the dimension it is incorrect. This is the
second occurrence, If I create the same dimension with a
different name, it displays correctly. If I delete the
dimension and recreate it with the same name, it is
incorrect. Its like something is sticky or has memory of a
past life. Any suggestions?

1. The+instruction+at+"0x1f90db9b"+referenced+memory+at+"0x7fa03794"+The+memory+cou


iam using ado for inserting deleting and modifying the
database records.

iam using only one recordset.

while using the delete statement the below error message
populates and the application is closed down.

vb6.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x1f90db9b" referenced memory
at "0x7fa03794". The memory cannot be "written"

i had tried my level best to identify where the probelm is.

but iam not able to do it.

could any body provide me the solution.


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