Question: SQL Server Login Prompt

Question: SQL Server Login Prompt

Post by David E. Coo » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello to all SQL Gurus,

We are accessing SQL Server 6.5 tables via ODBC.  We have a VisualAge for
Smalltalk server application that is running on the same NT server as SQL
Server 6.5 is running.  This Smalltalk server processes trigger messages
from an AS/400.  Everything works great, but there is an occasional glitch
(usually when performing a load which sends down a lot of messages).  The
glitch is that we will get a SQL Server login prompt.  This is a problem
since most of our clients run loads overnight.  They don't like it too much
if they come in the next morning and there is a login prompt and a backlog
of messages to process.  Once the user logs in, it continues to work just

Our server process for triggers will gain a connection to SQL Server using
a hard codes user name and password.  It will then run a stored procedure
and disconnect.

I'm wondering if the problem is that the connection stays around in SQL and
we eventually reach the max, and by the time the user logs back in, some of
the connections have cleared.

Any ideas, suggestions, or comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

David Cook


1. Access 97 / SQL Server: Login Prompts when query is run twice

i have an application with an access97 frontend linked (linked tables)
to an SQL-Server 6.5 SP4. in this application, there are a lot of froms
based on queries. the login to the sql-server is coded, so all users use
the same sql-server login, different user-rights are handled by
access-users (the backend migrated from an access-solution to
sql-server). so, the user never has to login to sql-server. BUT in some
circumstances he has to do: we have tho forms based on the same query,
the one schowing an overview, the other showing all fields. the
detail-form can be started directly, all works fine. the overview-form
works well too. the detail-form can be started from the overview-form,
in this case the user is asked for the sql-server-login and password. if
he logins correct, he's never be asked later. this appears only, when
the query is run twice at a time, i can reproduce it by opening one of
the forms and then opening the query direct.
please tell me, whats going on and how to work around the problem.


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