ASP and RPC -- SS 6.5

ASP and RPC -- SS 6.5

Post by Paul Schliepe » Wed, 26 Apr 2000 04:00:00


Platform: NT 4 SP 4, SS 6.5 SP5a

Problem: I need to return results from 2 DBs on 2 servers. The ASP page
takes parameters, and calls sproc1 on SRV1, which creates temp tables,
does some dynamic SQL and then does an INSERT INTO/ EXEC SRV2...sproc2.
This works fine when run from ISQL-W as well as from Infomaker (a Sybase
reporting tool).

It does not work when run from a browser. We get the following error:

                                         Microsoft OLE DB Provider for
ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

                                       [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver]Protocol error in TDS stream

/asp/igoc/reports/, line 264

The error disappears when I comment out the Order By clause in the query
in sproc2. I don't really want to do without, since I want only the Top
x records returned in descending order. In case it matters, the query in
sproc2 is dynamically generated as well. Also, sproc1 returns a result
set based on the same Order By.

Interesting: MSKB says this is a known problem which has been corrected
with the US-release of SP5a (188558). We're in Canada, and I'm under the
impression that anything we get here is the US version, at least as far
as MS is concerned. We are running SP5a on all SQL servers in question.




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I get various error messages, typically "Attempting to load oversized
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This has GOT to be blood-simple to do, but I continue to trip over it.  
If anyone has a hint to spare I'd be grateful.

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