restoring over an existing on SQL 6.5 database

restoring over an existing on SQL 6.5 database

Post by Darren » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

is it possible to restore over an existing  SQL 6.5  database, I have the
same database and log( name and size) as when it was backup on the new box.
It has been backup by arcserv from a SQl 6.5 box to another 6.5 box , and
get a name pipe 83 error.
but when i recreate the database on the the new box and set it to load it
work fine.
It seems odd that I cant do this. restore on a database that already exist.
I am new to sql 6.5 and have been using 7.0 for a couple months now and i
have no problem with this in 7.0.
can some one tell me what i am doing wrong here.
Thanks DarrenD

restoring over an existing on SQL 6.5 database

Post by Neil Pik » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Darren  - yes, it's certainly possible.  Try doing a restore without using
ArcServe - just normal SQL backup

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In MS SQL 6.5, when restoring a database to another server that had expanded
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However, in MS SQL 7.0, the stored procedure "sp_help_revdatabase" is only
included for backward compatibility.

Can I restore a MS SQL 7.0 DB from one server to another server even if the
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