SQL Server 6.0 to Server 7.0 Migration Problems

SQL Server 6.0 to Server 7.0 Migration Problems

Post by paul_n.. » Tue, 16 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We have attempted to convert a version 6 server to version 7 and get the
following error:

ODBC error 605.  Attempt to fetch logical page 130696565 in database
tel_rewards_p03111999' belongs to object 'stmt_transactions' not in
object 'ndi_20084_28099_bad'

As can be seen from the name of the file we already (have) know that the
file is corrupt.  We actually don't need it (i.e. ndi_20084_28099_bad)
but a drop table does not work - we get a 'Error 1117:  Extent chain for
487848557 is not correctly linked.

How can we convert our server???  I was thinking that perhaps if we
deleted the references to the this table in the sysobjects and
syscolumns tables then the migration wizard would not know about the
table and hence would not try to migrate it - problem solved!!!  Has
anyone ever done anything like this and got away with it?  NB.  The
table has existed for quite a while so there is no possibility of
restroign and good copy of the database and rolling transactions
forward.  Does anyone have any suggestions/experience about how this
could be overcome?

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SQL Server 6.0 to Server 7.0 Migration Problems

Post by Neil Pik » Tue, 16 Nov 1999 04:00:00


Quote:> Subject: SQL Server 6.0 to Server 7.0 Migration Problems

 You need to fix the 605 before doing the migration.

 Q.    I am getting an error 605 on SQL Server - what can I do?
(v1.0  12.1.1999)

A. This problem is caused by a cross-link in the page chains of two or more
tables, causing them to point to each other's data.  Make sure that is a "real"
605 by running the dbcc in single-user mode as they can be spuriously reported
if updates are occuring at the time of the dbcc.

At this point if you have a good backup and will not lose any data, then now is
the time to use it.  If you don't have a good backup then look at your backup
procedures!  To try and resolve the problem read on :-

Use DBCC PAGE (doc'd in the Books Online) to determine whether the page is a
data or index page.  If it is an index you are in luck and you may be able to
drop and recreate the index.

If it is not an index page or this does not work then you will need to transfer
all the data/objects into a new database.  For the problem table(s) this may
not work as the page chain is broken, so you will probably need to manually
select out data in ranges based on keys above and below the broken point(s).  

Once you have transferred all the objects across drop the old database and
rename the new one.

If you don't want to transfer all the data across then you can just do the
broken tables.  When this is done, rename the broken tables by directly
updating their name in sysobjects.  Then create new tables with the old names.  
Make sure no other errors are in the database first.  Make sure you also
re-create any views/stored-procedures that reference the tables so that they
start pointing to the new ones.

If the above is not possible due to the size of the database or other reasons
then your only alternative is to pay for Microsoft PSS support who may be able
to patch the pointers in the tables/pages directly for you.  However this sort
of fix is not guaranteed and is done (if at all) on a best efforts basis
totally at your risk.

Q.     I'm getting an error 1117/2543 in SQL Server.  Can I rebuild the extents
(v1.3  14.01.1999)

A. It is recommended that you select/bcp out all the relevant data and then
recreate the objects concerned.  However, if you want to attempt a rebuild of
the extents then make a backup first, and then try the following after putting
the database into single-user/read-only mode first :-


Alternatively you could just rename the object and leave it in the database
with a dummy name - you won't be able to drop the object.

dbcc traceon(3604)
use master
sp_dboption <dbname>,'read only',true
use <dbname>
dbcc rebuildextents(dbid,objid,indid)
use master
sp_dboption <dbname>,'read only',false

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