DB-Library Error, SqlSrv process dye when executing extended-stored-procs

DB-Library Error, SqlSrv process dye when executing extended-stored-procs

Post by Luca Menegu » Tue, 14 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I've written an ext-stored-procs to interface SQL SRV 6.5 with Crystal
Reports For VC++ (ver I use it to produce HTML and graphical
reports from my queries. You call it providing it with the name of a
crystal report file containing info on the report, the output filename,
and the type of file u want to produce (HTML, CSV etc.).
I always worked fine till I started to use it in a while cycle. It's
called about 60 times within the same batch (Standard Transact-Sql
launched from ISQL/W), It executes fine 40-50 times, produces the
required reports but then hangs: the "DB-Library Process Dead -
Connection Broken" messages appears, and sometimes even the SQLsrv
procs dyes.
I used the standard ODS interface (Microsoft Open Data Services (ODS)
) to build the extended stored proc. Cut'n'pasted examples' code  and
integrated with code of my own ( connection  to the CR DLL) to biuld the

Is it a bug or is it my fault?????

It seems like something gets too stressed... and crash...
Any suggestion???

Thankx in advance...

Luca Menegus


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The Oct 2002 MSDN explicitly says that no future versions of SQL Server will
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