ODBC Netware problem on Win 98

ODBC Netware problem on Win 98

Post by Win Swar » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

On certain Win 98 machines on our network, when a client logs into netware
on his machine the 32 bit VB5 clients fail to connect to the server.  The 16
bit clients work fine, ISQL etc.

Has anyone had a problem with ODBC and Netware working together.in Win 98

Server is NT 4 Ent Ed, and SQL 6.5 Ent Ed.


1. Btrieve 6.10c/Win 98/Netware 3.12

Hi, I've been running 50 users on Netware 3.12, and Btrieve 6.10c, using
DOS, and Win98 clients for some years now.Netware was installed out of the
box and no patches were ever applied. Everything worked great, no problems

Now I've upgraded the servers to Pentium 400's, with onboard AIC7890 scsi
controllers. To use these controllers I've has to apply the 312PTD patches
so I can use the HAM drivers.

Now it all goes wrong. When attempting to access Btrieve from my Win 98
client (DOS session and Win32) I get errors 94's when opening my files.
Sometimes the error "BSPXCOM-6.10.8 An SPX level receive I/O error has
occurred. The connection has been lost" appears on the server.

DOS clients seems to work fine.

Any ideas what this could be ? I heard it could be caused by Large
Internetwork Packets from Win98 and the solution was to set the -r=1500
switch on BSPXCOM My version however doesn't have this. Anything I can do at
the client side ??

As I said, its worked OK for years on unpatched 3.12 and I don't
particularly want to spend thousands of pounds upgrading to Btrieve 7.

Any help or tips appreciated.

Dennis Harvey.

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