getting started

getting started

Post by davidenswei.. » Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have been a programmer for the last 10 years (xbase). Can anyone
recommend how/where to get started learning sql stuff, specifically
MSsql server?


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Im very interested in programming, but have no real background or knowledge
other than what I have learned on my own, not much yet. I ve posted one
other time here about my interest in learning to be an Oracle developer and
recieved good advice on being carefull with the tech " school" certification
route as a way to get the education. Im convinced of my desire to do this,
but unsure as to the best way to go about it. Im doing this backwards, as I
am 34 and have had my own business since getting out of high school. Ive
always liked being in charge of my time and carreer, and I probably would
like to do the same with programming at some point. But, besides being
proffitable, I really have this bug that I just have to figure this
programming stuff out, even though I am not sure if I can.
Given the fact that I want to be a programmer, probably in the area of
database design,  what would be the best route to get the training, ( Real
knowledge ), and the experience for me to pursue this, with possibly
freelancing as an end goal? College, tech school, online learning,  etc.
Does my age matter in the real world as far as starting now? Do I have to be
Spock to do this? Any particular area of programming financially or
creatively better? Were you as overwhelmed when you first started looking at
code as I am?  How long did it take you to GET IT?
 I would love to hear from everyone who has an opinion. I thank you.

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