Execute rights on Stored Procs

Execute rights on Stored Procs

Post by Ken Nickel » Fri, 18 May 2001 04:24:26


I am trying to establish a security model where the only rights a group or
role has is execute rights on stored procedures. All other rights are
revoked for this group and the user who belongs to the group has no rights
at all. I believe BOL says this is a viable security model. The proc I
created for testing is very simple

update table
set column = value
where id = 123

The problem is that sql2000 (compatabilty level=8) complains saying that the
user does not have "select" or "update" rights, but on sql 65 it works as
advertised. In sql2000 the user is a member of a role and that role has only
execute rights on that stored proc. Any ideas?

Thanks very much
-Ken Nickels


Execute rights on Stored Procs

Post by Wayne Snyde » Fri, 18 May 2001 05:08:34

This should work, but only if the chain of ownership is unbroken... that
means that the owner of the stored procedure is the same as the owner of the

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