Q: BrioQuery, MS OLAP Cubes: Dimension/Measure Access Control

Q: BrioQuery, MS OLAP Cubes: Dimension/Measure Access Control

Post by TCHM » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

The environment:
BrioQuery Designer Windows NT English (US)
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with OLAP Services
Windows NT Workstation 4.00.1381 SP5

Service Pack 1 has been applied to both SQL Server and OLAP Services.
The DTS Tasks and OLAP Manager Add-Ins have been applied to OLAP Services.

I am able to connect to the OLAP cubes with BrioQuery and construct OLAP
Queries again the cubes.  I have no problem administering the OLAP cubes on
the server from my workstation.

Goal: Granting and denying access to dimensions and measures based on
username and/or group membership.

I understand how to control access to OLAP cubes based on group membership,
via MS OLAP Administrator, but not specific measures and dimensions.  I've
searched Brio's website for advice but haven't found anything specific that
would help me out.

I've downloaded the cell-level security beta posted by Ashvini Sharma on
11-Oct-1999 and tried to install it without success.  Even if I were able to
get this working, would the cell-level security be recognized by BrioQuery
when it came time for a user to build OLAP Queries?

So what am I missing here?  Is there something in BrioQuery Designer that
I'm ovelooking?

Thanks in advance!