Pb : ACC97 and SQL6.5 locked tables

Pb : ACC97 and SQL6.5 locked tables

Post by Jerome Arnau » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

I am developing an application on SQL Server with an ACC97 client. I
work on attached tables. Sometimes, some records become locked under
ACC97.  All action queries work, but when I try to update or delete a
record from a table (and not from a query) i get a message from Access
saying that the record is locked or has been changed by another user.

I did a few tries on the locked records :
 - no problem with ms-query
- no problem when I connect the table from Delphi 3.0 with the same ODBC
- PROBLEM when connected through Jet3.5 from VB5.
- SQL Server manipulates the record normally.

Does anyone had this problem before ?
What can I do to avoid it ?



Pb : ACC97 and SQL6.5 locked tables

Post by Bob Pfeif » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

You can get the "changed by another user" error with linked tables in Access
if there is no timestamp column defined in the table.  The timestamp is used
for row versioning to determine if the row was changed by another process
since it was fetched.  If there is no timestamp, row versioning is
accomplished by comparing the row data and if there are imprecise datatypes
like float, this comparison always produces a difference and you get the
error.  I don't know why Delphi and MS Query don't have this problem.

Bob Pfeiff, MCSD
Spectrum Technology Group, Inc.


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