calling Oracle APIs from SQL SERVER

calling Oracle APIs from SQL SERVER

Post by bruc » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 22:23:59

I have a linked server set up and I can query the tables
just fine. Here is an example of my syntax

the name of the procedure is 'SHOP_API' and the name of
the function within the procedure is Get_QTY_DEMAND.
I am trying to call this function to retrieve the value
that this function gives.
I get an error saying the I have too many prefixes.


1. Changing from direct Btrieve API calls to SQL calls

At the moment I use direct Btrieve API calls to my data.
The data file paths are hard coded into the program.

I am hoping to migrate the applications to SQL calls and have 2 questions if
someone can help me.

1. When a program starts, it reads a record in a file on their local hard
drive and this tells the program which drive to use for all subsequent data
i.e. It reads "C" or "G"
This way the programs normally access data on the file server but
I can switch them to using only local files for development / testing.
With SQL using DSN and named databases is there some simple way of getting
the same functionality?

2. Is there any standard layout of the directories, that anyone would care


or what?

How would you incorporate different year directories into this schema?

root\application\ddf\year ??

How do I put all this into a named database?

Any Ideas?


Eoin Fitzpatrick, Dublin

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