Linked Server, Distributed Queries

Linked Server, Distributed Queries

Post by Dougber » Sat, 05 Feb 2000 04:00:00

An associate has been using the humble but functional medium of an Access
database to link in tables from SQL Server 6.5 and an AS/400 and query the
combined data together from client applications.  He must now eliminate the
Access database.

I am familiar with the ease of setting up a "linked server" with SQL 7, or
of doing ad hoc distributed queries.

What equivalents are available with SQL 6.5?  What would be the best way to
bring in data from an AS/400 -- say, into temporary tables -- so that client
applications could treat it all as a single database?

CC by email appreciated if convenient.  Thank you very much!



1. linked server / distributed queries

Running select statements against a linked server table works fine in
query analyzer.  But when I try and update a row, I get the following
error message:

Msg 7343, 16, 4, 1
OLE DB provider MSDASQL could not update table.  The consumer could not
delete the row.  A deletion is pending or has already been transmitted
to the datasource.

The strange thing is that I can update the remote table using VB/ADO
with no problem.

Any ideas?


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