Two different cache-hit-ratio perfmon counters?

Two different cache-hit-ratio perfmon counters?

Post by Randy Rabi » Wed, 08 May 2002 05:11:27

Hi all,

I've noticed that there are two Perfmon counters for monitoring cache usage:
"Buffer cache hit ratio" under Buffer Manager, and "Cache hit ratio" under
Cache Manager.

I'm wondering, what's the difference between the two? The buffer ratio is
sitting at 99.98%, while the cache ratio is at 71.5% (the server was
restarted last week, so the first is fairly recent). I'm not worried about
the first one, but the second is wayyy under Microsoft recommendations, and
I'm trying to figure out if this should be a concern. Comparing Page Lookups
to Page Reads (about 9100 to 30) makes me think we're actually hovering
around 99.7%.

I've looked in MSDN and Inside SQL Server but there's very little info
specifically on the Cache ratio counter.

Randy Rabin


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I'm seeing something that I think is unusual in Performance Monitor.  In the
Cache Hit Ration counter, my "Adhoc SQL Plans" consistently have a higher
count than my "Procedure Plans"; about 80 for Procedure and 92 for Adhoc.

I would think since Procedure plans are compiled, I would get a higher hit
ratio here than in Adhoc.  Am I not correct?  If I am correct, what would
this tell me?  Do I need to do something so my sprocs get a higher hit

Thanks, Andre

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