SQL Server 2000 won't install with Back Office Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 won't install with Back Office Server 2000

Post by Colin J Paterso » Tue, 12 Jun 2001 19:18:15

I am installing Back Office 2000 Server. I run the installation and
everything seems to run OK, but then after appearing to Install SQL Server
2000, I get a red X next to it and when the installation is finished I get
an "Unrecognised" error message and no hint as to why the installation

Is there any way I can find out why it didn't install.

Thanks for any help.



1. SQL Server 2000 won't install on Window Server 2003

I have a clean installation of Windows Server 2003
Enterprise. I did install additional components such as
IIS and most of the others. The Desktop version of SQL
Server was installed during these component installations.
When I try to install SQL Server 2000 Enterprise or
Developer Edition I get the following warning message:

SQL Server 2000 SP2 and below is not supported by this
version of Windows.

Well I would think I would have to install it before I can
apply service pack 3 right?

Then I choose continue after this warning message and get
the following error:

Setup initialization error.
Invalid access to memory location.

Please help I really need to get this server built
correctly and SQL server has to be loaded second after the
OS before anything else.


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