DAO caches UID and PWD for a given ODBC connection

DAO caches UID and PWD for a given ODBC connection

Post by Horatiu Minc » Wed, 01 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I quote from DAO help:
        "Jet caches the user ID and password along with the connection,
so that you're not repeatedly prompted. This means that if your
application needs to log on to the server with a different user ID and
password, you will be unable to do so unless you force the closure of
any existing connections."

In this moment I make a client-server based application. Server receive
request from clients and make a mdb database beginning from an ODBC
connection to SQL Server. Therefore, I must log into SQL Server as user
who send current request.

How can I delete cached user and password (or disable this feature) for
a given DSN?

Horatiu Minca


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I have an Access database with tables linked via ODBC to the corporate SQL
Server database. I use the Access database to perform custom queries and to
extract custom report from SQL Server. I have not any privilege to store
views on the SQL Server.

I set up an ODBC file data source (Control Panel -> ODBC Data Sources) that
connects the SQL database using the SQL Server authenticathion with Login ID
and Password entered by the user (not Win NT authentication). In this way I
can use Access as "custom queries container".

Does anyone know if there is a way to store the Login ID and the Password
without having to type them manually every time? Without saving my
credentials I can't even use the Access queries from third applications
(two-tier architecture in which Access works in the middle as data
pre-aggregator). If I try to connect an Access query via ODBC from a third
application I get  an ODBC error (becuse the queryes are based on linked
tables requiring the Login ID and pwd).

Consider that I'm more an end-user than a programmer. Does anyone can give
me an advice?


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