Awaiting DTC message. UOW

Awaiting DTC message. UOW

Post by Mike Campbel » Sun, 19 Jul 1998 04:00:00


We've had a distributed transaction writing every half hour to a remote
database running quite happily
(across trusted domains) for a while now.
Then all of a sudden, the remote SQL Server ground to nearly a complete
Every 10 secs, the following error was logged:

Awaiting DTC message. UOW: 598e77ca-0f50  (etc - very long number with
hyphens !) state: PREPARED

It looks like DTC is being blocked from completing the distributed
transaction somehow but we're not sure
Another error that occurs frequently (but we don't know if it's affecting
anything) is:

Lazywriter: WARNING, couldn't find slot, 8/8, scanned 8

Has any-one come across these problems before ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Mike C