16-bit ODBC client access to SQL Server 2000

16-bit ODBC client access to SQL Server 2000

Post by Tim Gurne » Tue, 05 Jun 2001 19:55:46

Can anyone help with connection of the old 16-bit ODBC driver (2.65.012) to
Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

I am currently trying to do an upgrade from SQL server 6.5 on a Windows NT 4
platform to SQL 2000 on a Win 2000 platform. I am however encountering some
connectivity problems.

Initial connection to SQL server is fine, however there are several queries which
work fine through Enterprise manager, but when you try to run them through and
ODBC connection, they fail with a generic Error 01000 at the client, whilst
simultaneously raising an 'Error 17805 Invalid buffer received from client' on
the server.  I have found two technet documents (Q236447 and Q246612) which
suggest this might have been a bug in 6.5 and 7.0 but nothing is mentioned about

The system used to work correctly under 6.5 and we have checked permissions
throughout, to no avail.

It may be that we simple cannot run a 16-bit application through SQL 2000 but I
am finding it hard to get a definitive answer, can anyone help?

Best regards,

Tim Gurney


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Hi All,
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Best Regards
Asser Maany

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