ODBC Connection Pooling

ODBC Connection Pooling

Post by Steve Bee » Sat, 09 Feb 2002 00:32:57

I have a web servers accessing a SQL2000 database, and
have connection pooling enabled.  The ODBC perf counters
are also enabled but hard and soft connections always show
0.  How can I prove that ODBC pooling is working or fix it
if the counters are right?



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ODBC Connection Pooling    Vs      OLE DB Resource Pooling

I am a Sql server DBA  at a  B2B Internet Startup
I have to determine which type of  pooling Should  we use to increase
overall performance
we use Clustering /Sqlserver /ADO/VB/ASP
There is no document which tells me which Pooling is Beneficial  for
If some one can help me with some Practical Advice

Thank you

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