ODBC scrollable cursors

ODBC scrollable cursors

Post by Software Sense Systems, Inc » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a need to be able to scroll up and down
through some very large tables using an ODBC
connection.  Currently I am using MS-SQL Server
6.5, but my customers use everything from Access,
Sybase, DB2/2, ... to MS-SQL. How can I get
scrollable cursors in a portable manner? I have
heard vague statments that I would need to use the
"Microsoft ODBC Cursors Library" to implement
cursor even when the backend doesn't directly
support them, but I haven't been able to find any
information on it or any other reasonable

Any Help would be highly appreciated as I have a
deadline in 2-weeks that at this point looks like
I'll never meet.

Could you please send replys directly to me as
well as the newsgroup?


Lee Black
Software Sense Systems, Inc.


1. Need a simple example of scrollable ODBC cursor for Access

Just a need a clear example of setting up a scrollable
cursor for Access in C++.

What statement attr's have to be set and what sequence do
the settings need to be made in?

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Retrieve a set of records from one table. (that's working)
Check the values in one column of a couple rows (working)
Scroll back a couple rows and set a value in a column in
another table. Scrolling is not working. SQL_FETCH_FIRST
doesn't even work, only SQL_FETCH_NEXT works.

I'm unfamiliar with the use of SQL_ATTR_ROW_STATUS_PTR,
SQL_ATTR_ROW_FETCHED_PTR, and using SQLSetPos to update a
record. A clean example would help. The cursor example in
the ODBC SDK is buried in windows managment stuff.


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