For Michael from MS (re: sp_xml_preparedocument)

For Michael from MS (re: sp_xml_preparedocument)

Post by Mark Frishma » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 05:34:32

Earlier you posted the following info:

Actually, we are investigating a fix that may provide a workaround that can
be shipped in SQLServer SP1. It will not fix the general ntext variable
problem but the sp_xml_preparedocument and ntext in column issue that we all
love to hate.

So please watch this space (and cross your fingers that we don't run into a
problem that will make it impossible to include it in SP1).

I checked the latest SP and there is nothing there relating to this issue.
Am I right?


1. Michael Dorfman

I'm trying to get ahold of Michael Dorfman.  He presented a paper in Chicago
on Server Tuning and Performance.  I would like to obtain a E-mail address or
a work phone if possible so I can talk to him and hopfully acquire his suite
of tools that he handed out in Chicago.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sal Mugnos
SPIE (206) 676-3290


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