Can't see SQL Server in ODBC Administrator

Can't see SQL Server in ODBC Administrator

Post by Ragnar Midtskoge » Wed, 28 May 2003 09:38:06


I have an Access 2000 application where I have migrated the back-end to SQL
Server. I am using ODBC linked tables to attach to the server DB.
I did this with no problems at the office, by creating a DSN using the ODBC
Administrator, but when I tried it at the client I could not see the server
over the network.
At the office we use a Microsoft network, our client uses Samba.
The server machine is running Windows 2000 Server, and we are using SQL
Server 2000, the same as at our office, in fact the only difference that I
am aware of is the network.
Any ideas? A colleague mentioned that on some cases the setting for the
client protocol sometimes has to be changed from the default TCP/IP to Named

I found a similar question on this board but unfortunately it was no longer

Any help would be appreciated.



1. cannot connect to SQL Server thru ODBC, yet Enterprise mgr sees it

I'm getting connection failed, SQL Server error 1157, unable to
connect to datasource.

This is a Win95 client using TCP/IP.

I installed ODBC 3.0 with SQL Server 2.65 drivers.  I installed the
client on port 1433.

I have it setup exactly the same way on a win95 machine at my
location, and it works - so I know how to set up a win95 client.

I just don't know how to troubleshoot this.  The enterprise manager
can see the SQL Server (I installed that on the win95 client).  But no
program that uses ODBC can see the SQL Server.  I get no clue as to
what is wrong.

I had it working at that site, and they reformatted the hard disk and
re-installed win95.  Something has changed, but I can't figure it out.
I can ping the server, TCP/IP is working (it can even print with

I'm using standard security.  If I click on the database combo in the
ODBC dialog (presented by MS Query), instead of showing the databases,
I just get the error 1157.

On my person win95/NT network, even if I don't have a valid name and
password I don't get the 1157 error, it is a 4002 error (login

What are the logical steps to troubleshoot this?  Are there any tools
that can troubleshoot a connection problem?


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