Adp connection: server naming SRVNAME\INSTNAME or SRVNAME?

Adp connection: server naming SRVNAME\INSTNAME or SRVNAME?

Post by D.C. » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 18:08:23

I have an Apd project shared on LAN which connects to SQL server 2000.
The SQL server instance run on a machine named e.g. SRV1, and the instance
name has been named INST1

When I set the connection parameters, on File|Connection menu, the Sql
Server list shows different names depending on different clients.
On some machines, the connection works only if I set SRV1 as server name,
while on other clients only works with SRV1\INST1.

Note that all clients are Win2000 pro SP3, and the server is an WinNT 4.0
server with all recent Service Packs.

All suggestions are well appreciated.

Danilo Chiodini


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My objective is to make a trigger that does the following:

I have two SQL Server 2k servers, A and B. On each I have a database, lets
call the one on A as X and the one on B as Y. My objective is, whenever I
insert data into table X, a trigger is fired that deletes the old data in
table Y and populates it with the same data in X. I have the SQL script and
I know how to make triggers. I've tested it with two different databases in
the same server, but I cannot do it with two different databases in two
different servers. When I try to make the trigger, I come across the
following error:

Error 18456: 'Login failed for users NT Authority\Anonymous Logon'.

To over come this, I just ran a stored procedure sp_grantlogin for NT
Authority\Anonymous Logon, and it didn't throw that error anymore. But, it
gives another error, shown below:

Error 7314: OLE DB provider [servername 'B'] does not contain table "Y". The
table either does not exist or the current user does not have permissions on
that table.

I looked it up in the MS Knowledge base and found that it has something to
do with lowercase letters and service packs. Well, I tried changing the
table name to all Upper Case, but no success.

Any suggestions????


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