Drill through problem with virtual cube

Drill through problem with virtual cube

Post by st├ęphane Chouina » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:20:53

I created a virtual cube from 2 cubes and I received strange result
when I tried to drill through the data.

cube #1 : Budget
   dimensions : Time / cost number / cost element number /
cube #2 : Real
   dimensions : Time / cost number / cost element number / eqpt /
                task number / cost type / ...

Virtual cube : BudgetAndReal
   dimensions : Time / cost number / cost element number /

When I drilled through the cubes #1 and #2 everything is always ok,
but when I drilled through from my cube #3 (virtual one), I received
data from more the time periode I have selected and sometimes, I
received no data ?

Is it a bug with virtual cube or something I did wrong when I create
my cube.

I am using the Standard Edition of SQL 2000.

Does the name of elements from the cube #1 and cube #2 that are used
in the dimensions have to be named the same in each cube ?

thanks in advance



1. Drill-through problem in Virtual Cubes

I've ran into a deadend when I wanted to join
some base-cubes in a virtual cube, using only a
subset of the common dimensions of each one of
the base-cubes. So far so good.

The trouble was that I wanted to enable
drillthrough in this dimension-subset-based
virtual cube (V.C.).

I followed all the manual steps, i.e., enabled
and defined drillthrough in all the base cubes,
enabled the drillthrough in the V.C. and saved.

Surprisingly, the drillthough functionality only
worked for some measures (obviously base

What did I found out, after a lot of
experimentation: I had to had all the base-cubes
dimensions in the V.C. in order for drillthrough
to work well in all the measures.

My only way to workaround the problem was to
include all the base-cubes dimensions and to turn
them off in the V.C..

I'd like to know if this problem has already come
to some of you people, and if this is something
that's going to be solved (or already is) by the
Microsoft Team.

Best regards,

Pedro Moura
Novabase, Portugal

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