"Invalid Attribute/ Option Identifier" Error

"Invalid Attribute/ Option Identifier" Error

Post by Carlos Morale » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 01:15:04

Hi, When trying to register a new SQL Server connection
using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager, I get this
error: "Invalid Attribute/Option Identifier".

What puzzles me is that I can access that same SQL Server
using Query Analyzer, and perform all my functions.

Any idea what could be causing this?




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I hope that thia is the correct forum for this question.

I recently had a few small problems with Win2k, and as a result had to
perform a Repai/re-install to overcome the problem, and ever since then I
have had nothing but problems with SQL Server (all other applications are
OK), I have even tried uninstalling / reinstalling both SQL 7 and SQL 2k,
but I still have the problem with Enterprise manager. It starts OK, but when
I try to connect to my SQL server, I get the message"A connection could not
be established with SERVER, Reason: Invalid attribute/option identifier".
Enterprise manager from on of my other PC's works fine.  Have any of you got
any Ideas as to a possible solution.

Thanks in advance

Michael A Johnson

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