Linked Server to Excel

Linked Server to Excel

Post by Jakub Nova » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 20:36:27


I try to link Excel sheet as a linked server to SQL Server 2k.
it works fine, but my problem is, that the Excel sheet contains text data
with czech language characters.
And when I try to view the data from the linked server, the czech characters
are shown incorectly.

How can I set the Linked server to show the czech characters correctly?

thanks for help


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 I'm trying to access dome data from Excel using
a linked server in SQL 7.0. Works fine until it
finds a column that has many empty cells in the
first rows. Well, the problem is that SQL returns
this column as VarChar and null values on it.

I have found a workaround:
 To receive corect information in SQl Server I
have to put a zero value on that column in one of
the first nine rows.
For example:
 I have a currency column that has data only
after the 50th column and SQL returns it as
varchar and all the values are null. If I put a
$0.0 value in one of the first 9 rows SQL returns
corect data.

Can someone tell me if there is some seting or
what should I do to receive corect data without
modifing the Excel file.

Please people ... I realy need this!
Any sugestion is welcome!

Thank you,

PS: Please excuse my english.

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