What is min client distribution?

What is min client distribution?

Post by Arthur H » Sun, 11 Feb 2001 09:45:00

Ok, we found in "inside SQL Server 7.0" it says that Access 2000 and
Office 2000
have a lobotomized SQL server inside, but not much in the way of details
of how you can use it to deploy an SQL server database with less than a
full install of SQL server.

What is the minimum version of SQL server the customer needs to buy to
deploy an application that uses sql server?

Still no answers??

> We have a VB client application that uses SQL Server, right now
> we're doing a full SQL install on clients and the server.

> What is the minimum the customer needs to install, can we distribute
> or point them to just the driver for windows, and is there a reduced
> version of server we can require the customer to buy to run the
> server?

> email answer please


1. Min h/w configuration for Publication Server and Distribution Server

What does microsoft recommend for minimum configure for a Publication server
in order to create publications that would be sent to 1500 users.  These
publications were designed in Notes and are going to be converted to our
Publication Server.

What is the minimum configuration for Distribution Server in order to
recieve publications from the Publisher and to send them to each subscriber?

Again the databases were created in Notes, users replicate at least once or
twice a day.  Not all databases get updated daily.


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