Access 97 & SQL 7.0 - Write Conflicts

Access 97 & SQL 7.0 - Write Conflicts

Post by Mariann D Savill » Thu, 16 Mar 2000 04:00:00

On the backend, updates occur fine (in a SQL table).  However, in Access
97, the error for
any updates is "This record has been changed by another user......",
when in fact, it's only being editted at the time.  I've researched what
is on-site but can't find anything specific.

I created tables, triggers, and indexes in Sql 7.0 and
am linking the tables to an Access 97 database and never
got this problem when mixing SQL 6.5 with Access 97.

Question #2:  I sorely miss being able to restore a single
table in SQL 7.0, like I did in SQL 6.5.  Read something about a
solution which is restoring entire database to anotehr
location and then restoring table over the other.  But
will it restore permissions, triggers and indexes
using DTS?


Access 97 & SQL 7.0 - Write Conflicts

Post by Bob Pfeif » Fri, 17 Mar 2000 04:00:00

The first problem may be caused by row versioning that ODBC uses to manage
concurrency if you have a date or float type column in the SQL Server table.
A timestamp column on the underlying SQL Server table may help this.  I
found a KB article on this a while back.

To backup and restore tables in SQL 7.0, you can create separate files and
filegroups to physically separate objects.  If you create a table on its own
filegroup, you can back up that filegroup separately.


1. Write conflict error when updating data from SQL Server 7.0 in Access 97

Hi all, I'm using Access 97 as SQL Server 7.0 front end. I've install
Server 7.0 client on my development pc and connect to SQL Server 7.0 on
a server using ODBC. I've created System DSN in ODBC connected to one

In my Access mdb file, I've link a few tables from the database in SQL
Server 7.0. When I try to update record in the table's datasheet view,
the error "Write conflict" appear and given choises to Copy the data to
clipboard or drop changes and the Save Record button is grey off.

Also, some of the data like Currency field does not appear in Access but
appear in SQL Server.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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