Remote Access for MSSQL 6.5

Remote Access for MSSQL 6.5

Post by David Spence » Mon, 11 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have been working for the last few days attempting to connect via the
internet to our SQL server at the office.  I am having no luck.  I keep
getting various error messages.  I am relatively new to Windows NT and
SQL servers.  Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Most sincerely,

David Spencer, System Administrator
Ohio Hills.Com


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I am experiencing the following:

I have developed a small application that is SUPPOSED to demonstrate
how easy it is to develop 3 tier database applications in Delphi...
This in mainly in hopes that I can convince the company that I work
for to switch from Power Builder to Delphi.

The application that I have developed works great against Interbase
and local paradox tables, but not against MSSQL server.

Every time a call is placed to TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates(-1), a
reconciliation error is generated, stating that the edit can not be
performed because another user has edited the record.

Thinking that I made a mistake in my coding, I created the exact
structure that Borland provides with the BCDEMOS database on our MSSQL
box and ran their MIDAS EmpEdit example against it.... same thing.

I am POSITIVE that I am the only user accessing this particular
database and it is not possilbe that the record was externally

I would call Borland, but I simply can not afford to pay $5.00/min to
talk to someone about it.

Any insight would be greatly appriciated.  Please respond via EMail if
possible as my ISP has a pathetic news feed.

Joshua Jackson

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