SQLConnect Using NT Authentication on SQL Server

SQLConnect Using NT Authentication on SQL Server

Post by Mark Wo » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00

We have the SQLConnect() working using SQL Server authentication, but
are having problems with the NT Authentication.  We're assuming that all
you need to do is to create another DSN and setting the NT
authentication with a trusted NT accout ID and password, then when
calling the SQLConnect command using that DSN, account and password.  Am
I missing something somewhere?

Mark Woo


SQLConnect Using NT Authentication on SQL Server

Post by James Wilso » Fri, 05 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi Mark,
You still need to grant the NT users access to the server.  The easiest way
to do this is using Enterprise Manager, add a login but set it use NT
authentication.  You will need to supply the domain or machine name for NT
user login or group.



1. Accessing SQL 7.0 through ASP using SQL authentication rather than NT authentication

Hi all,

We just installed SQL Server 7.0 on a machine seperate from our Web Server
(previously used SQL 6.5 on the same server as the web server).

I have an ASP script that is connecting to the new SQL 7.0 server using a
direct connection.  Here is an example of my connection string:

conn.open "Driver={SQL Server}; Server=my7server; Database=myDatabase;
UID=myID; PWD=myPassword"

(I made sure that the sql login was upgraded to the SQL 7.0 server
correctly).  The problem is, this ASP script is inside a folder that is
locked down using NT permissions.  The user must first enter their NT
username and password for the machine where the web server is in order to
access this ASP page.  Before we switched servers, there was no problem with
this script.  Now that we have moved the database to a server on a seperate
NT box, we are getting an error saying:

I think I have my new SQL server 7.0 set up correctly to ask for SQL
authentication, rather than NT authentication.  I know that the new SQL
server has the correct login set up.

When I add an NT login to the machine with the SQL 7.0 server on it that is
identical to the NT login present on the machine with the web server, the
error goes away and the database can be accessed just fine.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong that the SQL 7.0 server is looking
for NT authentication rather than using the UID and PWD supplied in the ASP
connection string?

I'm pretty new to SQL 7.0.  Thanks for any help you can give.

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