running access adp program as a background service

running access adp program as a background service

Post by Sean Moor » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 23:01:11

In a Windows NT4 environment we have been executing an adp program to
generate bar codes as a background service.  It employs a bar code program
which creates and pastes bar code images to the clipboard; our VBA code
moves that image from the cli-pboard to a table in a field which is then
moved into an image control in an access report.  It has run successfully
for over a year.  We recently changed environmanet to Windows 2000, and
there are problems.  I we run the reports.adp interactively all is well, but
when we try to run it as a background service it fails to operate.  It
appears that the OS will not permit the reading of the image from the
clipboard as a background operation.  Is this a consequence of changes in
the OS environment?

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