SQL 7 (RTM Enterprise) Failover wizard doesn't work on IBM NetFinity cluster

SQL 7 (RTM Enterprise) Failover wizard doesn't work on IBM NetFinity cluster

Post by Andrew van der Stoc » Fri, 11 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

has anyone had any luck installing SQL 7 Enterprise (build 623.07, the RTM
build)? I've tried and tried and it doesn't work.


Two node NetFinity 5500 dual processor, 512 MB in each node, gobs of disk
space on the shared disk (which are run by two seperate IBM ServerRAID III

We followed the SQL Books On Line instructions for Active/Passive
configuration. These instructions have some glaring problems, like the disks
fail over when you reboot the primary node, causing DTC to fire up before
it's ready on the other node. Although the instructions say you can make DTC
and SQL co-exist on the same shared disk and IP address, there are no
instructions on how to do this. We've followed the release readme notes, for
such items as mapping a network drive rather than using a UNC path for the

After installing SQL 7.0 on the primary node (which works), the DTC is
registered as a clustered resource on the primary node. To get the DTC to
cluster requires a name and IP address resource. The Failover Wizard doesn't
or can't reuse this, so it looks as if DTC and SQL may have to be on
different virtual servers, which is not what we want.

The Failover Wizard fails with the error message "Could not run setup on
remote machine. SQL Cluster Setup failed" after copying and registering all
the COM objects.

If anyone else has managed to get it going on a cluster, I'd love to hear
about how you did it.

Andrew van der Stock


1. sql cluster - failover cluster wizard error

there is a problem

i tried sql cluster setup wizard
but it's fail

error message

 the account that you are currently logged in as must be an
administrator of this machine and must have 'act as part of the
operating system' rights, change these privilleges from user manager
logoff and logback in before continuing

administrator is starting with sqlserver service
it's working service
and then i tried install failover cluster wizard,
sql server service stoped for next - install virual server next
- sa password  next  - sql server service account next

however I saw error message

i want to know that this problem

if you have any problem feel free to contact to me

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