SQL Workstation 6.5 and Memory Leak

SQL Workstation 6.5 and Memory Leak

Post by Mike Hanb » Sat, 29 May 1999 04:00:00

We have a Windows NT 4.0 sp3 workstation with MS SQL Workstation 6.5.  As
soon as the machine boots up, I check MEM USAGE and VM for SQLSERVR.exe.
The MEM USAGE immediately starts out at 15 MB and the VM at 25 MB's.  This
seems high to begin with.  The main problem is that the MEM and VM
continually increase.  If we leave it running we end up with around 57 MB's
of MEM and 226 MB ov VM before we get our first "Your system has run out of
Virtual Memory, please shut down...." error message.

We uninstalled SQL Workstation, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted and checked
the MEM and VM again.  We had the same result.  (Note we have MSDTC and SQL
EXEC on Manual Start, so they were not running).

Any ideas, thanks:

Mike Hanby MCP


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I put a single TQuery component on a form and attach it to a database.

I then use a code snippet such as . .

with query1 do
            for ind := 1 to 100000 do
                      sql.add('SELECT * FROM MYTABLE');

If I run the code on NT4, there is a memory leak until the client system
crashes with
'insuffucient memory message'.   I have tried closing the query each cycle of
the loop.

The 'leak' persists even if there are no records in the result set.

Am I doing something stupid?   Should I destroy and then re-create the query
each cycle?

Peter Yellow
London UK

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