sql 2000/OLE DB connection problem via ASP script on multiinstance server

sql 2000/OLE DB connection problem via ASP script on multiinstance server

Post by Slava Rossin » Tue, 10 Apr 2001 22:55:23


We have win 2k server running both sql 7 and sql 2000 on it.

I installed sql 2000 instances with "port 0" and sql 7 on "port 1433".
It is possible to connect successfully with EM using "dynamically allocate
option to sql 2000 instances.
Also it is possible to connect via ODBC to sql 2000 instance.

The failure happens when connecting with SQL OLE DB to sql 2000 instance via
ASP script from the web server. They need to enter a port number, which is
setup up dynamically.
Please, help us to understand how to resolve a problem.

Thank you in advance.


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I have been looking everywhere to try and find an answer to this question
but keep finding only vague hints as to how to actually do it.  I hope that
someone here might be able to help me out, here's the scenario:

The ASP site is hosted on a web server on another machine.  Data is captured
from the client to the web server via SSL.  After the web server receives
the data, I want to store it to a database.  The database server (running
SQL Server 2000) is on a different machine than the web server so in order
to transfer the sensitive data over the network it needs to be done using
SSL.  Sounds like a simple enough requirement, right?

Well, I read through Books Online, MSDN, searched all over the web an
haven't found more than some vague references to using the Multiprotocol net
library to support an SSL connection.  That's great, except that I can't
find an example of the proper ADO data connection string to make that
happen.  I tried a DSN-less connection, a DSN connection  (with encryption
checked) and I always get the following error from the web server:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]SSL Security error

I downloaded the SQL Server 2k security whitepaper and there was a brief
paragraph about this and it said to add "Encrypt=yes" to the connection
string, which I did.  Still had the same problem.  Do I need to install the
SSL certificate somewhere within SQL Server itself (It's already installed
as a trusted certificate in IIS and on the domain for that machine) but I
can't find any place within SQL server itself where I can import the SSL
certificate, and once again no documentation.

Hopefully somebody out there might know a little bit more about this than I
do...it's amazing how few people have even thought of this before.  Is there
a better way to secure the transfer than SSL that I'm overlooking?  How else
would I move a credit card number from the web server to the database?  The
CC number will eventually be encrypted through the ASP as well, but I don't
feel comfortable sending that string over open TCP/IP without using SSL, and
I don't think the customers would either.

Thanks in advance!


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