Backup and restore ?

Backup and restore ?

Post by Mang » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 05:09:48

What is the best way to backup A SQL 2000 server?

Backup and restore ?

Post by Keith Kratochvi » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 05:13:01

One time:
Issue the backup command from Query Analyzer

multiple times (scheduled):
create a job that issues the statement.

More detailed information about BACKUP and RESTORE within Books Online.
Search on (you guessed it) "backup" and "restore"

Please reply only to the newsgroups.
When posting, inclusion of SQL (CREATE TABLE ..., INSERT ..., etc.) which
can be cut and pasted into Query Analyzer is appreciated.

Quote:> What is the best way to backup A SQL 2000 server?


1. Backup and Restore SQL Database

Hi Support,

Currently converting a large .mdb to an .adp using Access 2002 (XP)/SQL
Server 2000 Desktop running on Windows XP Pro.

Ideally, as our users are not that computer literate, won't have access to
SQL Enterprise Manager, and in many instances the application is used by a
single user at a remote site, I would like users to be able to backup and
restore the SQL Server database easily from within the application.

Access does provide commands under the Tools/Database Utilities menu to
perform these tasks, and the backup command works acceptably providing the
user has the db_backupdata database role. However, the restore command is
not so effective in that it requires the user to have significantly more
(server level) privileges, and whilst I accept the application must close
and disconnect to perform the restore, it doesn't re-enter the application
once the restore has completed.

I've been looking at using SQLDMO to perform the task, however, I would be
interested to know how others may have tackled this problem.

Your thoughts appreciated

Guy Horton

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