No DTS task in DTS Designer

No DTS task in DTS Designer

Post by Caro » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 05:49:13

   I am using my Windows NT 4 desktop connecting to SQL2000 server on Win
2k. My DTS designer used to work well. But recently, I always get error
"DTS Designer Error" (no further error message) trying to open a DTS
package. Once I open it or create a new DTS package from the EM, under the
Task menu, I could not see any prepackaged task comonent as I could see from
the Server. I can only see the two items : "Register Custom Task" and
"Unregister Custom Task". So even I could create one new DTS package, I
could not add any task to it.
   I tried to uninstall the SQl client and reinstall SQL2k client and SP1 &
SP2 several time. It did not fix the problem. The EM MMC works well
otherwise from y  desktop. I could script the objects, start jobs....
   Can anyone give me any hint about this ?
   Thank you very much!



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I just create a custom task with User Interface in Visual Basic 6.

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It work succeffully but when I want to create new "MyCustomTask" task in my
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