Error 548

Error 548

Post by gaetan » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 12:12:28

Why would a 548 error occur on a table that is not set up for replication?

 Here is the text of the error.
attempt to perform direct %s to range that is maintained by replication.

Not much help in BOL or anywhere else I can find.

There stored procedure is simply running some updates
 to range that is not maintained by replication some updates on a table. The
table is not marked for replication. Is this a bug or a misleading sql error
that may indicate another problem.


1. error 548 attempt to perform direct insert to range maintained by replication

We are getting "error 548 attempt to perform direct insert to range
maintained by replication" .  This is happening on a table which doesn't
even have replication set up on  yet. What we have done is created some
foreign keys on these tables using the NOT FOR REPLICATION key words. We are
creating both the subscribing and publishing  schemas using the exact same
DDL.  Are we only supposed to use the NOT FOR REPLICATION keyword on the
publishing server tables? If so, how do you handle a horizontally partioned

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